A 1998 Carnegie Mellon University study showed that the more people used the web, the lonelier and depressed they felt.

Now 15 years later, a University of Michigan study showed that more time spent on Facebook is associated with a decline in happiness and less overall life satisfaction.  Due to not having regular face-to-face contact, it can lead to users having feelings of loneliness rather than the “connectedness” they desire.  Also, many describe a familiar “FOMO” (feeling of missing out) when looking at friends’ pictures.  They may have feelings of envy and inadequacy when they see friends flaunt a luxurious or adventurous lifestyle.

Facebook can effect the relationship status too.  People are more likely to flirt online and the exes can so easily pop up in the “People You May Know” section.  Casual “conversation” online  (liking pictures, commenting on statuses, etc.) can create jealousy in romantic relationships.

This was a study done on college-aged adults and of course does not represent everyone.  Social media can also bring lots of joy, laughter and support for its users.  The next time you’re finished cruising your newsfeed, do a mood check.  Do you feel better or worse than before you logged in?