Grand Theft Auto 5 sold $800 million worth of copies in the first day of its release.

Those aren’t just teenagers bringing in that kind of cash. Adults are playing them, blogging about them and even waiting in line for days for their release.  They are not just for solo fun but now people can play opponents across the world through the power of the mighty Internet.

But like anything fun, there is always a potential for abuse. These are the “gamers” who eat, drink and sleep online games. They can neglect their relationships, jobs and even their hygiene (shower lately?) because they become so compulsive about playing.   In Asia, it has become an epidemic where young males are being hospitalized for it.  This addiction has been named “Internet Gaming Disorder” and there’s still more research on the horizon.

As online games are becoming America’s 21st century pastime, we may see this disorder become increasingly common.