More than 36 million Americans have already used telemedicine in some way.

The option of having a visit with your doctor via the computer, known as the “virtual doctor trend”,  is catching on and very quickly.  Many physicians are big fans because it allows flexibility of their schedule. The technology cuts down their travel time which gives them more time to see patients. There is just as many perks for the patient. Someone who lives in a rural area can now have a visit with a specialist hundreds of miles away without the costs (lost wages, gas, hotel expenses).  The ability to be examined and diagnosed through computer screens is changing the face of healthcare.

The world of telemedicine is rapidly expanding with specialties like ophthalmology, radiology, dermatology and psychiatry at the forefront.  With the precision of high-definition cameras and ability to zoom in even more accurately than the naked eye, this technology is improving the way we practice medicine.  This has the power to help reduce the country’s overall healthcare costs (including less ER visits) while helping to solve the problem of shortage of doctors.